Understand the difficulties that your child and family may be experiencing


For a number of years I have worked extensively in primary and secondary schools in a role supporting child and family mental health. As such, I understand the importance of ensuring that schools are on board and aware of the difficulties that your child and family may be experiencing. This experience along with my former experience as a teacher, enhances my understanding of children's lives within school. Working together, we can explore the benefits of liaising with your child's school. I would only do this with parental permission. 

I work alongside a variety of professionals including those in education, health and social care and PCAMHS (Primary Child and Mental Health Services) and I am familiar with current procedures and frameworks in school for children who have additional emotional and health needs, such as Educational Health Care Plans.   

“Sarah was a lovely lady and she was really kind. I feel much better now. “
(O.R - aged 8)